New film by @GPIW: "Young African Ecologists Address #ClimateChange”

December 1, 2017

In 2016 The Global Peace Initiative of Women (GPIW) launched a series of global dialogues with young people emerging as leaders in the environmental field. We have partnered with Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association (DDMBA) and the Earth Charter International to help young people look at the climate crisis from a different perspective, not just listen to statistics. The series explores the “inner awareness” needed to restore a relationship to the Earth and natural world that is reverent of our shared commons. We encourage this group to explore questions like: How do you feel when we hear of the river being polluted or species going extinct? How do you take this into your heart’s wisdom and allow a deeper consciousness to inform how you respond?

This film highlights 20 young ecologists from different regions in Africa that GPIW brought to Marrakech during COP22 for five days of focused dialogue. Themes we examined at this gathering included the future of Africa’s waters, the impact of industrial agriculture on the land and society, and the importance of indigenous planting and cultural practices in restoring ecological balance. The visit also included a day at the United Nations NGO forum and a teambuilding hike in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.  We were humbled by the dedication and motivation of these young leaders and encouraged by the inroads being made in Africa toward regenerative and natural agriculture, and the efforts toward preserving the wisdom of their spiritual elders and forefathers.

In our modern society we have commodified nature, the rivers and the forests, seeing them more as monetary objects. When we talk about the Inner Dimensions of Climate Change we are talking about a reconnection in our spirit with the rivers, forests, mountains – once more to see them as living entities that we need to respect and appreciate -that we nurture and that nurture us.